Eloquent Robes

Eloquent Robes is an interactive art installation that uses visualisations of heartbeat data to communicate and make evident intimate physiological information. The nomenclature Eloquent Robes refers to a garment that decodes a user’s internal data by utilising abstract representations in order to enhance the creation of personal narratives.

The participant wears a white paper garment, onto which the visual images are projected. The garment acts as an immersive interface, by literally enclosing and covering the body with the displayed output. The fragility of the paper garment is important for suggesting access to a temporary and potentially intense experience. A heartbeat sensor is clipped onto the earlobe, transmitting pulse data to the computer. A series of dynamically changing visual representations in the shape of simple circles are displayed according to participant’s heartbeat.

The circles vary in colour according to the value of the heartbeat. The mapping between the colour and heartbeat is divided into six ranges. Those ranges are based on the normal but not necessarily optimal resting heart rate, which is between 60 and 100 beats per minute. The warmer the colour, the faster the heartbeat.

The design strategy is informed by theories of embodied interaction and somaesthetics, focusing on the emergence of unique experiences arising from somatic awareness and reflection.

Elements: Wereable electronics (Arduino UNO + Arduino XBee + Pulse Sensor)+ Processing + Projector  Paper Garments + Coloured paper dots.


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2012-11-20 20.44.42 2012-11-21 13.48.35 2012-11-21 13.48.51
2012-11-21 15.14.46 2012-11-21 16.47.50  cacophony-garments



Conference poster exhibited at OZChi 2012, Melbourne – Australia


Meditative Flora – Biofeedback installation in a tent.

Projection on a Tulle’s sculpture

Meditative Flora is an artistic installation developed with the idea of challenging the preconception that relates isolation with emptiness. The native flora of Cockatoo Island situated in NSW, Australia was employed as a metaphor of the emotional attachment generated by a special place that exists independently of human’s physical presence. This artistic installation consisted of a reconditioned tent, mounted next to an old sandstone building at the University of Sydney. Aiming to foster feelings such as self-identification, emotional attachment and even intimacy in the middle of a public display, participation was assisted and personalised as a strategy of engagement. A heartbeat sensor attached onto the participant’s earlobe transmitted biofeedback data that was then visualised and projected in the form of different coloured flowers. Some background music was played to intensify participant’s emotion.

Materials: A tent/ Arduino UNO, Pulse sensor + computer /Projector / Tulle



2012-05-11 10.01.16collage


2012-06-23 17.47.16



Lucila – Interactive bioresponsive jewellery

Lúcila is an interactive piece of jewellery that decodes user’s heartbeat in real time in an attempt to transmit certain emotions, particularly different ranges of peace and anxiety. The design concept refers to women’s beauty as an overvalued construction and the metaphor that without the internal desire of spiritual growth, the machine cannot function. To represent this idea, LEDs that permanently blinks into origami moths surround a central light, which is constantly changing colours according to user’s emotional state.

This interactive piece was exhibited across different events:
– Attract, Relate, Sustain / The Verge Gallery 2011

– Sydney / SPARC 2012 / Museum of Contemporary Art  2012

– Electric Dreams / Powerhouse Museum 2013


Materials: Arduino Lilypad, Heart beat Monitor, T13 Polar transmitter /Plastic / wires


DSCF7933Imagen 6



2012-05-31 14.56.35



The Non-Cartesian Fascinator

The Non-Cartesian Fascinator: The dialogue between rational mind and feelings (Microcontroller/ Heartbeat sensor / LED / Plastic / Fabric

*Winner in the category of Interactive design 30+/Brain Art Awards 2012

I don’t believe in the Cartesian dualism that conceives of a formal division between the rational mind and emotions. Human reasoning is closely connected with our bodily experiences and to analyse those aspects separately does not make sense to me.

It is natural that the process of thinking itself constantly leads to a series of emotions that come from a purely intellectual source. On the other hand, some bodily feelings, for instance, enjoying the smell of the sea or walking through a park on a beautiful day, can easily stimulate the active use of our imagination.

Trying to convey this idea, I developed this sculptural piece, which directly connects a user’s heartbeat (representing emotions) to this idea of mind. This is an interactive biofeedback-based fascinator that uses a microcontroller (Arduino Fio), Pulse Sensor, LEDs, fabric, plastic and wires. The main metaphor that I tried to deliver is that mind and emotions are closely connected and they cannot exist separately.

The hand that rests over the small hat represents the human intelligence and the reflective state of the mind, which is a source of conception for the most crucial and inspiring ideas.

The LED circuit not only projects the user’s heartbeat in real time; it alternatively illustrates the electric trajectory (or vital energy) of thinking. Moreover, the pegs attached to the user’s head symbolise the interconnection of our neurons. However, because the process of thinking is flexible, some of those pegs are still waiting for the endless generation of new ideas.