Electronic chimeras of the deep sea (I-II-III-IV)

Materials: Arduino Fio, pulse sensor, LEDs, wires, crocheted wool patterns, clear polypropylene and organza.
The concept behind Electronic chimeras of the deep sea resides in the aesthetic symbiosis between the human and the machine. A human host, who nurtures the chimera with physiological energy, receives heightened social visibility in exchange.

These wearable pieces were worn during the Founders Circle annual event, at the University of Sydney

Claudia-Nunez-Collar-2Claudia-Nunez-Head-1 Claudia-Nunez-Collar-1Claudia-Nunez-Head-2


4 thoughts on “Electronic chimeras of the deep sea (I-II-III-IV)”

  1. Hi, Claudia — love these pieces and I’m not seeing a detailed blog post anywhere about them. I would love to blog about this on Adafruit, so could you please email me — leslie(at)adafruit.com. Thanks — really beautiful work. 🙂

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